Closed. Giveaway! What is your favorite luggage brand?

Briggs and RileyThis giveaway is closed. Thanks for reading!

A few years back we asked readers what their favorite  luggage brand was and why. We received a lot of wonderful feedback and it has become one of Road Warriorette’s most popular posts. Seems like it’s time to get an update from everyone, including myself. And there’s potentially something in it for you!

If you are looking for a carry-on for flying primarily in the US, it’s best to purchase a bag that fits within the airline carry-on guidelines of 22”x9”x14”. A few other things to keep in mind:

  • Quality construction.
  • Weight
  • Size
  • Roominess
  • Handle length
  • Good pockets and dividers
  • Spinner wheels
  • Easy to navigate in crowded airports

(For more details on how to choose the best carry-on, see my Guidelines for Choosing a Rollaboard Suitcase.)

In my 10+ years on the road I’ve used four brands, and I can recommend them all without reserve: Ogio, Victorinox. Eagle Creek, and Travelpro. In addition, Briggs and Riley is consistently toward the top of any favorite luggage list.

While those are the brands I’ve had direct experience with, my fabulous readers have introduced me to luggage brands I never knew existed! My goal here is to create a list of people’s favorites and why, so travelers who are looking to buy a quality carry-on can get good info about the different brands.

So readers, please leave a comment about which carry-on luggage brand is your favorite and why. If possible, please provide a specific model with a link for where to find it.  Now the exciting part!  On May 1 I’ll randomly choose a comment and the winner will receive an  Amazon gift card worth $125! This giveaway is limited to US residents only and you must be at least 18 years of age (sorry!).  The announcement of the winner will be done by a post on my blog so follow me on Twitter to know when my winner announcement post is live.

Remember, the more specific you are the more helpful it will be to people looking to buy a new carry-on. Bookmark this link if you think you may be in the market soon!

Not sure which ones you like? Here is a pretty comprehensive list from Amazon.

Here are some of the favorites mentioned last time. Is your favorite on this list?



Readers, what is your favorite luggage brand?


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  1. Luggage Works –… indestructible and if needed parts can be easily replaced.

  2. Rimowa
    It looks great. It stays in shape even when FA tries to jam the whole locker room in one overhead bin.

  3. Red Oxx makes the best luggage in my opinion. They aren’t for every traveler. Why? No wheels. And they only have soft-sided cases. BUT, the 1000 weight urethane-coated CORDURA nylon is TOUGH. Double box stitching at stress points. The BEST zippers. Many of their bags are specifically designed as carry-ons, and their specs meet airline carry-on specs. Even when I check my bags, they come out looking none the worse for wear.

    I can move faster in an airport with a bag I carry rather than one I wheel. Plus, as a true “carry-on”, I am cognizant of what I pack and the weight.

    Made in the US, Veteran-owned business. And great customer service.

    Their Air Boss is my work horse, whether flying or traveling by car.

  4. The BEST is Briggs & Riley. Great luggage and incredible warranty service. We have had different models over the years and the Torq is our favorite.

  5. My personal favorite (and only piece of “high end” luggage) carry on is the B&R Transcend International carryon. (link below)

    I’ve found that the flat bottom (thanks to the external frame/handle) and the wide retention straps keeps my clothes most wrinkle free of any bag I’ve tried, and I’ve NEVER had problems fitting the bag in an overhead (knock wood).

  6. I swear by eBags TLS Mother Lode Mini 21″ Wheeled Duffel. The perfect bag for carry on. Has two distinct sections to easily separate clean and dirty clothes. Also, exterior is hard caae on one side and soft case on the other. They also have a lifetime guarantee on their specific eBags products. I have had some natural wear and tear isuss that I wanted them to fix. Instead of sending back bag to be fixed, they just sent me a whole new bag. My whole family (incl wife and 2 kids) used these bags on an around the world trip for 6 months a few years back. Bags still in tact… I usually don’t post but am passionate about this luggage…

  7. Tumi- Lightweight, sturdy and spacious. I have been using it heavily for years now and have had no issues with it.

  8. Tumi if you’re a consultant flying weekly, and Rimowa if you’re flying for leisure.

    Samsonite if you’re basic.

  9. I like the eBags Mother Lode Weekender Junior. It will almost always be good for carryon, and can be carried as a backpack, hand luggage or shoulder bag.

  10. Admittedly off-beat preference and easy for a guy to say I know: I like just using my Targus full-size laptop backpack as my carry-on luggage, even for informal trips up to 5 or 6 days. Makes me really focus on what I absolutely must bring, and think about what I can wear on the plane, or buy or wash/clean at the destination. But I also confess looking at Tumi bags and thinking about those for when I retire and do longer trips.

  11. I have been using samsonite for the last few years and have been happy with it. I find it very durable, easy to wheel and light.

  12. Rimowa, hands down (the higher end version with the rigid aluminum frame). It not only looks good, it serves its purpose and is durable and guaranteed.

    I’ve tried many of the other leading brands – I am on the road a lot and found even Tumi eventually let me down. Also ended up unimpressed by Briggs &Riley, Samsonite and others.

  13. I love my Tumi Alpha carry-on. Fits perfectly into the Embraer regional jet overhead lockers (but unfortunately doesn’t do so well on the CRJs). Also fits perfectly on its side in the new Boeing Skybins.

    It’s durable, well-made, and flew 250,000 miles with me last year; I’ve dragged it through snow, rain, sleet, and on gravel, and it’s still in great shape!


  14. Definitely Tumi – lightweight and stylish enough for me to use it both for casual purposes and more professional uses if needed!

  15. LL Bean has a great selection and a lifetime warranty. I use the medium Sportsman’s Expandable Rolling Pullman.

  16. I’ve used my Travelpro every week for one year straight and it’s still going strong without any issues. I do carry on only.

  17. I wish I could say Rimowa or TUMI but I’ve never owned one due to budget. I only buy Samsonite because it seems to outlast all my other off brand luggage. I usually get it at Marshall’s or Costco. They are really nice and light weight.

  18. I like my Samsonite Bartlett bag, because I can fit a lot in it, it has wheels and it is small enough to bring as a carry-on.

  19. Victorinox – attractive, great warranty, thoughtful design, lightweight, DURABLE! I’m a consultant traveling weekly and this bag still looks excellent after 2 years. I like Tumi and Briggs/Riley, just the price and heavier weight make them less ideal. The bag I have is discontinued and replaced with a newer model. I love the international size, but it is still so spacious, like a Mary Poppins bag!

  20. Tom Bihn by far! The only downside is lack of wheels but it makes up for it with the fact that it rarely gets gate checked because it looks like a duffel but holds way more than any roller bag I’ve ever used.

  21. I use Travelpro. Most of he flight crews I notice use the same. They must be doing something right as mine has withstood years of (abuse) travel!

  22. still using my Rhodesian Army soft bag all these years, still in decent condition

  23. I’ve flown 150k miles with my away larger carry on. I love the four wheels, and I havent missed the outside pockets. Hard sides have ensured it fits in every overhead bin, and at $200, I can afford to replace it yearly. Having my initials painted on was a lovely bonus!

  24. Love my Victorinox International roller that I bought a few months ago. It’s my first hard shell.

    Most of the time I don’t get to bring a personal carryon as I’m lugging camera equipment for work. But if anyone is seeking the best rolling camera carryon, ThinkTank is amazing!

  25. I like Lipault. They are VERY light and , because of the material, can you can get a lot of clothes in the suitcase. I travel a lot and I have never any repairs that were required. No rips; wheels still fine; handle works.

  26. TravelPro Platinum Magna 2! I have the 21″ spinner version and is by far the best carry on luggage I have ever owned. MagnaTrac wheels and includes a suit/garment bag. Usually can get this for under $200 through means of Amex Offers and shopping portals.

  27. I’m really interested in the Trunkster Carry On! It has a sliding rolltop door and a built in lock, and GPS monitoring, so it’s great for theft protection. Also, it has a USB port and removable battery for charging gadgets on the go (which seems a bit unnecessary, but certainly a nice touch). It’s also water resistant and has an integrated scale. It also has a great study handles for easy maneuverability. I haven’t seen this piece in person or tested it, but it sounds great.

    It’s 22 inches and is $295 (down from the insane $495).


  28. My Briggs and Riley bags have been my favorites over the years. I especially like the twist and turn handle on the laptop bag when connecting it to my rollerboard.

  29. My TravelPro 21 inch 4 wheel spinner is light and fits into every overhead compartment.

  30. eagle creek luggage that comes with the no matter what warranty–that way, even if it fails, you’re covered!

  31. I recently bought a Delsy rollerboard and I love it. 4 wheels, lightweight, easy to slam into the overhead.

  32. I’ve been fortunate to have a great Travelpro carry-on that has lasted me for years. As others have commented, great balance of durability and cost.

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