Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Travelers

pashminaThis Sunday is Mother’s Day, the day we send love and light to the moms and mother-figures in our life. I am so excited to celebrate my mother this Sunday. Of course, she is in Germany on a fabulous vacation (lucky her!). But my sisters and I sent her off in style, and will make sure she has a nice treat when when returns.

What was that? You don’t know what to get your mother/wife/sister/step-mother/aunt/friend? Road Warriorette to the rescue! If she travels for work or fun, she will love everything on this list. Don’t wait until the very last minute! Get something lovely for your traveling mama that will make her feel special. Add some flowers (and let her sleep in!) and you will win plenty of points this year.

Here is Road Warriorette’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide:

Birchbox.Give her the gift of beauty! A small box filled with delightful samples, chosen just for her, delivered to her door. Birchbox has a special subscription deal right now–get 20% off 6 and 12-month subscriptions. Perfect for business travelers who need small sizes! 20% off 6 and 12-month gift subscriptions. Use code MDAY20 at checkout. Valid 5/7-5/14.

Scottevest. If your favorite lady travels a lot, she needs a Scottevest jacket or cardigan. They look gorgeous, fit well, and (most importantly) have tons of clever, built-in pockets. There are a ton of things 30% off right now on their site–a great deal!

Lo and Sons. If the mother in your life is on the road, a good bag is a must. Lo and Sons makes a range of fabulous, beautiful, incredibly useful bags that are built to last. Many bags are up to 40% off right now!

Kindle Paperwhite. Does she love to read? She definitely needs a Kindle Paperwhite, which will hold up to 1500 books and download new reads instantly. On sale for $99 right now!

Noise canceling earbuds. Help her tune out the chatty travelers in the row behind her so she can enjoy her trip more. Noise canceling earbuds are a must for any woman on the go.

Luxurious pashmina. If you’re really looking to pamper your mama, get her one of these fabulous pashminas. The prints are springy and lovely, and the tissue-thin fabric will feel delightful against her skin during long flights.

Readers, what are you planning to give (or asking for!) this Mother’s Day?


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