Styling your hair during a winter business trip

a bottle of makeup productLast September I wrote a post about hair tools. Don’t get me wrong–I love all of those, and I use them religiously in the warmer months. However, in the winter my hair gets flat, dull, and dry; I need more volume and shine, with (ideally) less heat.

Enter these fantastic travel-friendly hair tools and products, which help my hair look its best in the colder, drier months, even when I’m traveling for work.

Strategies for doing my hair during a winter business trip

Volume shampoo and conditioner. Most of the year I use Shea Moisture curl enhancing shampoo and conditioner, but when it’s cold and dry they are just too heavy for my hair. This time of year I switch to a volumizing shampoo and conditioner so my hair isn’t flat and heavy. Right now I really love the PhytoVolume shampoo and conditioner, which I decant into refillable 3 oz bottles.

Heat protecting spray. For the times I do need some heat, it’s critical that I first use a heat protecting spray to protect my hair. Otherwise I get frizz and flyaways, which doesn’t look good no matter the style! And on really flat days I add in a voluminizing spray. The ones I’m using right now (Moroccanoil and Living Proof) are both 2 oz. travel sizes.

Velcro rollers. I put a few of these hot-pink rollers into the front and top of my dry hair, spritz with some hair spray, and get ready for work. When I take them out I have more bounce and volume up top without much effort. I only use 4-5 when I’m traveling, and I can sort of squeeze them into crevices in my suitcase if I’m running low on room.

Go-to hairstyles. Sometimes nothing works, regardless of the tools or products you use. In that instance it’s great to have a backup hairstyle that looks great no matter what. My go-to updos are a top knot, low ponytail, or (for extra-professional days) a simple French twist. I keep rubber bands and bobby pins in my travel kit at all times just in case I need to go for an updo.

Shine spray. Regardless of the style that I choose for the day, once it’s done I spritz with shine spray. I can’t use a serum or cream in the winter because it ends up being too heavy and weighing my strands down. My favorite for the last year is one I got in a Birchbox a while ago–Label.M Diamond Dust (which smells AMAZING).

Readers, do you do anything different for your hair during a winter business trip?


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  1. I love the Aveda products for shine and anti-frizz. I use them in dry weather to tame the frizz and my waves, and in humid weather to tamp down the poof. My go-to style for when nothing works is a messy bun that isn’t that messy. You pull your hair up on top of your head into a pony tail, separate into three chunks and gently twist a chunk, and then wrap it around the pony tail holder and pin then end , then repeat with the other two chunks. If you wanted a truly messy bun you can tease each chunk after you twist them and before you wrap them around and pin them.

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