A Closer Look at my Business Travel Packing Secrets

a woman standing next to a suitcaseAfter my disastrous first business trip I swore that as soon as I knew enough I would teach others how to make business travel easier. I’ve written Road Warriorette for almost ten (!!) years now, and what keeps me going is hearing from people who have easier, less stressful trips because of it.

For a newbie packing for business travel can be overwhelming, but if you’ve got a plan it can be stress-free and even fun! I know what you’re thinking: Sarah, how do figure out a plan for packing if I’ve never been on a business trip before?

Over the weekend I released Road Warriorette’s Business Travel Packing Guide for Women, my new digital workbook. It includes:

  • Guidelines for choosing a suitcase and a personal item for your travel style
  • Exercises to figure out exactly what clothes you’ll need for your trip
  • Steps for building a capsule wardrobe with infinite options for outfits
  • Sample wardrobes for all seasons (not all black!)
  • Which toiletries are necessary and which ones to leave at home
  • And how to pack it all together so you can glide through the airport with confidence and style!

I’ve gotten a bunch of questions about it, so here are some answers!

How do you create a capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is comprised of a 7-10 pieces of clothing that all can be worn together. This gives you an almost unlimited number of outfit options even with only packing a few things. The best way to start is with 2-3 items in a base color—navy, gray, black, blue—and then add pieces in coordinating colors and patterns. The process is outlined in detail in the workbook, along with plenty of sample wardrobes for all seasons.

The trips for my new job will be anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks. Is it really possible to avoid checking my bag for any of them?

Yes! With careful planning it is absolutely possible to pack for a 2 week business trip in a carry-on. The Business Travel Packing Guide for Women will walk you through all the steps to planning your packing checklist. It also includes sample checklists for a 3-day trip, a 5-day trip, and a 2-week trip to show how it can be done.

How do I decide if I should get a backpack or purse for my travel bag?

You know, it really depends on what your needs are. Do you typically do one-day trips or conferences? Do you fly regional jets? Is your office more or less formal? Another option–a rolling briefcase. You’ll find pros and cons for each of these in the workbook, but honestly it all comes down to what suits your travel style.

a woman with a suitcase

This workbooks is everything I’ve learned about business travel packing during the last decade on the road, distilled into actionable, usable information. It will be $18, but for this first release it’s on sale for only $13! This price is good until Friday, April 5, and then the workbook will go up to its normal price. Act fast so you don’t miss the savings!



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