Save time, money, and brainpower on every single business trip you take

a group of items on a tablePeople say that time and money are our most valuable resources, and to get more of one often means sacrificing the other.

There is another valuable, finite resource to add to this list–brainpower. I have found that the farther I get into my career the amount of extra room in my brain decreases. I have less brainpower to spend on things, requiring me to be more efficient than ever.

Packing for business trips is one of those areas that can cost time, money, and brainpower. Figuring out what you need to bring, waiting in line to check your bag, spending money on baggage fees, then spending yet more time waiting to pick up your bag from the time-sucking shoving match others call baggage claim.

Friends, all of that can be avoided.

Last week enrollment opened for the LIVE Pack Like a Boss workshop, where we will create a personalized capsule wardrobe template and core packing list. After the workshop you will be able to go to your closet and pack in minutes, knowing you have enough outfits for days.

Just think about it–this workshop costs less than paying to check your bag on a round-trip flight. No more agonizing over which outfits to pack, waiting in lines a mile long to check your bags, then at endlessly circling baggage claim to pick them up. You will learn packing skills that will save you time, money, and brainpower on every single trip you take.

Specifically, we will:

  • Map out your typical business trip
  • Walk through my four step process for discerning exactly what you need to pack
  • Create your capsule wardrobe blueprint and core packing list
  • Clean out our toiletry kits and makeup bags, culling the excess
  • Determine exactly what beauty items you need and fit each and every one into your toiletry kit

I’ve gotten several questions about the workshop, and since several of them overlap wanted to answer them for everyone.

Why do you recommend only bringing 3 pairs of shoes?

Shoes are heavy and take up a lot of room in your suitcase! There is no reason to have more than two pairs in your bag and one on your feet. In fact for trips that are less than a week I will often only bring two pairs total. It frees up room for other necessities (like makeup!).

I wear casual clothes for my business trips but still struggle with what to pack. Will a capsule wardrobe help me?

If you travel for work and want to look put-together but don’t know how to fit everything you need, creating a capsule wardrobe will 100% help simplify your packing. Capsule principles are applicable to any type of wardrobe, including business formal, business casual, and casual. (And in the workshop we will cover examples of each of them!)

There is no way I can fit every beauty product I use on a daily basis into a quart-sized plastic bag.

Did you know that not all of your beauty and toiletry products have to go inside your plastic bag? For the ones that do, there are ways to decant into smaller containers or use alternatives that aren’t technically liquid. I promise, even if you use a lot of products we can fit them all.

Click here to learn more about Pack Like a Boss. Enrollment ends tomorrow at 5pm Central time–don’t miss out!


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