6 items to leave in your suitcase between trips

a close-up of a power stripWhile I’m a huge believer in packing efficiently, there’s more to packing efficiently than just packing light! For people who are on the road a lot it’s so helpful to have a streamlined packing routine. And sometimes that means duplicates that stay in your suitcase between trips.

When you travel as much as I do there’s no reason to re-pack the same stuff every week. Too much risk of forgetting that one critical item! These days there are a number of items that live in my suitcase and travel purse. Anything to make packing as simple and quick as possible.

  1. Electronics. There are a few small electronics, mostly power devices, that I never ever take out of my travel purse. This includes my laptop and phone chargers, power bank, mini surge protector, and flash drive.
  2. Hair tools. I used to be able to spray some water on my hair and go. Alas, now I need a little more help than that. A brush, travel curling iron, hair bands, bobby pins, and styling creme live in my suitcase now.
  3. Toiletry case. When I first started traveling for work there were a few things-like my razor and deodorant- that I would re-pack for every trip. It only took one trip of forgetting these super important grooming items before I wised up and bought a set just for traveling. Now my entire toiletry kit lives in my suitcase. No need to put it in the bathroom cabinet between trips! Too much risk of forgetting it.
  4. Umbrella. Yes, I could just look at the forecast and only pack it when it’s needed. But I need a streamlined routine! A travel umbrella is small enough that it fits into a small corner of my travel purse, so I am always covered if it rains.
  5. Medicine. I’ve needed ibuprofen or Tums and not had them too often. Now little travel bottles stay in my travel purse, along with Emergen-C and Tylenol-PM.
  6. Packing Cubes. I used to put them up in between trips then forget where they were. Now they live in my suitcase all the time.

Other suggestions: slippers, business cards, a reversible belt, a travel towel, makeup.

Readers, what do you keep in your suitcase between trips?


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  1. I always travel with a pair of gardening gloves. Don’t want to hurt my fingers handling heavy luggages.

  2. A travel yoga mat, strap, and two massage balls(size of tennis balls) live in my carry-on so I always have a workout space in my hotel room. Really important for getting the kinks out after a long day of travel and/or meetings.

  3. Because most of my travel these days is to be with my 99 year old mom, I carry duplicates of all the medical POAs, med history and med list for her. I also keep a list of PRN meds that I need to pack, the everyday ones I carry in small plastic envelopes. I also carry a single plug that holds two 12 foot charger cords, one for my iPhone and one for my Kindle. There’s nothing like being stuck at an airport because of a weather hold and being out of power. I have a purse sized power pack in case I run out on the plane.

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