My top 3 packing tips (and the workshop you’ve been waiting for!)

People ask me all the time what my top three packing tips are. It’s not easy to narrow down just to three, but they would probably be:

  1. Bring three pairs of shoes max
  2. Use contact lens cases for small amounts of liquids
  3. Build a capsule wardrobe to make packing easier

One of the biggest takeaways from the survey a few weeks ago is that people desperately want help with packing for their work trips. From overstuffed suitcases to struggling to pack professionally to bringing too many beauty items, when you’re packing for business travel the struggle is real.

My own experience is very similar–on my first business trip I packed way too much, and after that I overcompensated by not bringing enough. Trip after trip I vacillated between overpacking and underpacking, struggling to find the balance for years.

But the good news is that you don’t have to struggle like I did.

Enrollment is NOW OPEN for next week’s live workshop, Pack Like a Boss, where I will teach you in 60 value-packed minutes what it took me five years to learn. It will be an intimate class, where I walk you through creating your personalized business travel capsule wardrobe blueprint.a group of items on a table

We will go step-by-step through planning for your trip, determining exactly what clothes you typically need, then build a capsule wardrobe based around your existing wardrobe (or within your budget).

When you’re done you will be able to go straight to your closet and pack for your next business trip in minutes, knowing you have enough outfits for days. (How dreamy does that sound??)

But packing for a business trip isn’t just about clothes, right? Toiletries and makeup don’t typically come in containers small enough to pack easily. How do you decide what to bring, and what to leave behind? And how do you fit everything you need?

Don’t worry! We will clean out our makeup and toiletry bags, discerning exactly what to take and what to leave behind. (And if you need it all, I’ll help you fit it all in. No judgement here!)

There will be two options for times, and if neither work for you there will be a recording you can access at any time.

Does this sound like what you’ve been waiting for? Let me help you Pack Like a Boss!


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  1. Why in the world would you take 3 pairs of shoes. Ridiculous. Wear a pair & take a pair.

  2. @Marv I know it sounds crazy, but I know people who have a hard time narrowing down to three! Which I get, I love shoes. But I love being able to carry-on my suitcase more 🙂

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