First Business Trip Help

Congratulations! You are going on your first business trip, which means your company has a lot of trust in you. It can be very stressful, but here are some posts that will make it easier. And of course, check back here at Road Warriorette for updates!

Start here, with Business Travel 101.

Business Travel 101: Making Travel Easier is filled with my best all around travel tips.OG

Business Travel 101: Packing the Suitcase will help you fill your rollaboard in the most efficient manner.

Business Travel 101: The Personal Item teaches you how to make the most of your carry-on.

Business Travel 101: Getting Through Security has all you need to know to get through security smoothly and quickly.

Business Travel 101: Toiletries shows you what toiletries you need and how to pack them.

Business Travel 101: Travel Etiquette gives instructions on how to be a thoughtful passenger.

Business Travel 101: Flight Comfort will make sure you feel comfy in any flight.

Business Travel 101: Long Flight Comfort shares specific tips for trans-ocean or trans-continental flights.

Business Travel 101: Traveling When You Don’t Feel Your Best helps you get through the trips where you don’t feel great.

Business Travel 101: Looking Good When You Get To Your Destination makes sure you look your best when you arrive.

Business Travel 101: Dealing With Loneliness is full of tips for handling the isolation that comes with being on the road.5 day packing list winter

Packing Help

Not sure what to wear? Building a Business Travel Wardrobe will help you put together a capsule wardrobe that works for business travel, anytime. Installments in this series cover all of the components necessary to build a capsule business travel wardrobe:  suits, business casual, tops, dresses, shoes, bags, and accessories, and finally, putting it all together.

I also have packing lists for summer, winter, and long trips.

Healthy Travel

Trying to be healthy? Check out this list of snacks that will go through security, my collection of healthy eating on the road tips, and this guest post on healthy eating by the fabulous Andi from Misadventures with Andi.

General Tips

Here is a great list from my readers of their favorite tips for a first time business traveler.

And finally, here is a post I did for Corporette for first time business travelers.

As always, if you have questions that aren’t answered here send me an email! RW

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