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Posts from the past

What was going on this time in years past? 2014 Please, for the love of all things, keep your phone conversations out of the loo. Travel etiquette tip: Don’t talk on your phone in a public restroom. Clutzy? Prone to spills? I feel you. Protect your keyboard! We discussed how people feel about kids watching videos without…

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America Commutes

Everybody loves a good infographic, right?? As part of the contest I did with Contigo last month, they sent me this awesome Infographic. Some highlights: Over 128 million Americans commute to work every day, for an average of 25 minutes each way. Around 90% drive, 5% take public transportation, and another 5% fly. Half a…

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Awesome travel product: Contigo Addison water bottle

I looooove water. It is my favorite beverage, hands down. For years I bought cases of bottled water to enjoy. However, several years ago I became cognizant of how wasteful bottled water is, and started using a water filter (my current favorite is by PUR). The next item I needed to find—a refillable water bottle.…

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