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Crafty Travel

Crafting is one of my favorite things. I love knitting, sewing, papercrafts, and just making stuff in general. Pre-baby, I spent many hours learning and honing new crafts. But as a full time working mom, not to mention a road warriorette, there just aren’t nearly enough hours in the day. Finding time to get my…

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A Dangerous Hat

On Monday I went to Nashville for the day. I was very excited to have some time to knit, as having a full time job and a three month old does not lend itself to much free time. My latest project is a hat for a friend’s three-year-old son, and on the way up to…

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Answering Readers’ Questions: Knitting needles on flights

I recently received a question from Reader M: Like you, I’m a knitter. Is TSA allowing knitting items through now? Great question! After 9-11, there was some pushback about carrying knitting needles onto planes. However, a few years ago the regulations relaxed and knitters are once again allowed to work on their projects while flying.…

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