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Posts from the past

What was going on this time in years past? 2014 Please, for the love of all things, keep your phone conversations out of the loo. Travel etiquette tip: Don’t talk on your phone in a public restroom. Clutzy? Prone to spills? I feel you. Protect your keyboard! We discussed how people feel about kids watching videos without…

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What should I pack for an overnight business trip?

What’s the best way to pack for an overnight business trip? Reader J asks…. I’ve been following your blog for a while now even though I don’t usually travel for work.  I find your travel tips very helpful in general. I’m traveling this Wednesday (Oct 1) for an overnight conference. I fly on Wed afternoon and will…

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In my bag all the time.

I’ve been traveling a lot lately.  So much that there are certain things I just don’t unpack because they go with me on every trip. It makes packing for a trip so much easier when certain things are already in my travel purse and suitcase. This method is not for everyone.  If you travel once every…

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