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Dealing with travel delays

In case you missed it, a crazy cold front has swept the nation. Temperatures are colder than they’ve been in years. In Chicago, where my sister lives, it is currently -13 and the high is -10. That is insane, and it’s not even the coldest place in the country. (Pictured: The view from my sister’s…

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Adventures in air travel

You know the meme that was really popular last year, showing different pictures representing various perspectives of the same thing? What my friends think I do, what my mom thinks I do, etc? (Here’s a link to some funny ones.) I haven’t found a good business travel one (just some not awesome ones) but the…

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Nashville was good!

One of the things about working at home (except during travel) is that you don’t see your coworkers that often. There are people I work with that, although I have meetings with them weekly, haven’t seen in person in over a year. This can get a little bit lonely. So that makes work friends that…

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