Paul McCartney is freaking awesome

I don’t know if this counts as being travel related or not, but I have to say it: Paul McCartney rocks. My husband and I went to his show in Dallas last week (we drove—that means travel right?) He is in his mid to late sixties, and put on a show for two and a half hours! He sang, he told stories, he made us laugh, he made us cry, and most of all he made me grateful for his amazing skill at songwriting. Singing “Hey, Jude” with Sir Paul and forty thousand other people was incredible. Hearing him sing “Something” while showing pictures of George Harrison in the background made me cry. And fireworks during “Live and Let Die” made me stand up and cheer (for the umpteenth time).

He came out for two (two!) encores. He played the guitar, the bass, the mandolin, the ukulele, and the piano. He sang songs from the Beatles, Wings, and his solo career. He sang songs to all the people he has lost in his life. He is amazingly talented, and amazing as a person!

I was raised on the Beatles, and consider myself to be a huge fan. And I can honestly say that this concert was a highlight of my life. Hands down. Thank you Paul—your music has made my life better.

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