Up in the Air

Time for my movie review! Finally got to see this movie last night.  Don’t worry, I won’t tell you anything about the plot-line, or the story, or anything else. What I will tell you is that I really enjoyed it. As did Home Warrior, who does not travel like I do. So clearly it appeals to more than just the constant travelers of the world. I felt the acting was very real, and the story was believable, and very relevant.

The thing that amazed me throughout the movie is that all of the business travel details were dead on. I kept leaning over to Home Warrior saying, “That’s where I stay!” or “That’s what I do!” That key thing? Been there. There was one time when everyone in the theater laughed (I forgot where) and I remember thinking, What? That’s how it is!  So that aspect of the movie was really cool. It helped me remember there is a greater community of business travelers out there that I can relate to, and that get the craziness I go through in a normal week.

Plus George Clooney is, as always, super hot. And the actress who played Alex had awesome clothes throughout the whole movie, and I want to dress like her.

Overall, I highly recommend to men and women, travelers and non-travelers, basically to anyone who likes a good movie. Hope you enjoy it!


  1. So many times, ministers in sermons will give the plot lines of movies to make a point. Thanks for not doing that.

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