Off to South Texas for my Sister’s Wedding!!

We have made it to the Rio Grande Valley! Yesterday my sister and parents set off for the Valley in a caravan of sorts. Five stops later (not kidding, we stopped at the Outlet Mall, Whataburger, the gas station, and to use the restroom twice) we made it to my Memaw’s house. Wedding preparations are well underway!! Today several more from the wedding party arrive, including our other sister and the groom.

All of this is to say–dear readers, I will do my absolute best to get another post off before the weekend, but because my Memaw lives out in the middle of nowhere, there is no internet. We have to go “into town” to get even a good phone signal. Don’t give up on me! I’m sure lots of funny wedding stories are about to unfold, some of which I may even be able to link to travel.

And for those of you who are wondering–no there is not actually a “valley” in the Rio Grande Valley.

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