Need help!! Future FAQs Page

I’m back!! The wedding was amazing; beautiful (so beautiful! especially the bride), touching, fun (dancing all night! margaritas! Mexico!), and a great time was had by all. I will do a more in depth post this week.

Right now, though, I need a little help. I have decided to do a Frequently Asked Questions page, so that people who are not necessarily regular readers can find information quickly. This page will be straight to the point and almost entirely lists, with less of my amusing and clever commentary. Based on common Google searches and questions I am asked on a regular basis, I have put together a preliminary list. If you have an idea for something to include, please post it in the comments or email it to me! I want to make this blog as useful as possible, and I hope this will help some fellow travelers out.

My preliminary list:

  • What to wear to the airport/on a plane
  • Can I take makeup on a plane
  • What to pack for a business trip
  • How to minimize ankle swelling during travel
  • Statistics on women business travelers
  • What to carry in your purse during travel

Anything else? Did I get everything? Thanks for your help!!!


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