The Tour of NPR Fundraisers

a logo with red squares and black textThis week I am in the New York City area. I have meetings on Long Island two days and in the White Plains area two days. However, because of my general ignorance of the Greater NYC area, I chose to stay in one hotel, in the White Plains area. I didn’t realize that Long Island is an hour and a half from here during traffic. However, the drives this morning and evening weren’t that bad because I found the local NPR station, WNYC. Not only is it the local station, but it’s one of the best stations around! Today I got to hear lots of international, national, and local news and an interview of Mario Batali. Fun!

Of course, the other part I got to hear was the fund drive. These people were so good that I was ready to donate money before I remembered that I give money to my own beloved NPR station. And of course, when I was in Boston (also doing  a lot of driving) the NPR station there was doing their fund drive. Again, I was ready to pick up the phone and donate by the time I arrived at the office in Andover.  Home Warrior says it is inevitable that my own station will be fund raising once I’m done with my crazy travel schedule, because otherwise what’s the point of getting me all fired up for Public Radio?

By the way if anyone has dinner suggestions for the White Plains area I am super excited to take them. I think tomorrow I will go to dinner around here, and try on Thursday to go into the city. I haven’t been inside Manhattan in a while and I am super excited. Get to relive my college glory days (or whatever they were), when I had a boyfriend who lived in the Bronx and worked in Midtown and I spent all my time up here.

I promise when I am getting more regular sleep I will try to write more coherently. Thanks for listening!

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