An Exciting Start to my St. Louis Trip

I am in St. Louis for the end of this week. My last trip for a few weeks! The end of the mountain! YESSSS!!!!!

My flight last night for my last trip started out typically enough. Flight delays. Tiny airplane. The least comfortable seats ever in the history of the world. And of course, a screaming (and I mean screaming bloody murder) child for the last twenty minutes.

However, as we were about to land, I noticed a plane off in the distance, sitting on an airstrip by itself, far away from anything else. This plane had bright lights shining all over it. I puzzled over this as we flew past it. Why is that huge, very attractive plane all by itself and all lit up? Why don’t I recognize the logo of the airline? Wow it’s gigantic and pretty.

And then I realized–it’s Air Force One!! President Obama was in St. Louis last night for a fundraiser, and we flew right past Air Force One. It was so exciting! For me, anyway. I tried to get the attention of the lady next to me to show her, and she said, “I’m from DC. I’ve seen it.” Well, I am from Texas, and we do not often get presidential visits, and when we do, the plane lands at one of the many military bases around the state.

Of course, the immediate question I got from my sister and husband were, “Did you take a picture!” And the answer is, no, because by the time I realized what it was we were almost past it (no the picture at the top is not my picture, it is a very nice random internet picture). Still, it was very exciting. Maybe even more exciting than that whole Britt Daniel thing.

I wonder how the rest of my trip will be!!


  1. same thing happened to me when i was flying into the USA 6 months ago. We took off from Tokyo and were advised by the Captain that Air Force One would be landing ahead of us and that we would probably be delayed. Those were the happiest words of my life!.

    Being that is the ultimate thing in my plane spotting list of planes to see, to get a 2 hour layover in Minneapolis, it was a god send!

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