Allowing Non-Frequent Fliers to Purchase Exit Row Seats? I don’t think I like this

According to the New York Times, some airlines are going to start allowing anyone to spend a little extra money and get an exit row seat. These seats, with their extra leg room, have long been one of the perks of being a frequent flier. And in my opinion, it’s a win-win. The FF gets rewarded for their loyalty, and the airline gets a passenger pretty familiar with the responsibilities of sitting in the exit row.

This article says that the flight attendants will have the final say-so about whether someone is physically capable of performing the exit row requirements, but my question is: Won’t people who paid extra for this special seat be upset if they are told they have to move? Even if they get refunded the difference? We know that not all passengers are awesome at reading or following instructions, and some people will likely just click “Yes” without reading all of the responsibilities of the exit row seats.

In my opinion these airlines are just looking for more ways to have customers pay for things they used to get for free (checked bags anyone?), and this will end up being more trouble than it’s worth. But hey, no one asked me right?


  1. This is indeed worrisome. Benefits of FF elite status seems to erode every year. Wondering if there is any airline whose program continues to be worthy of consumer loyalty.

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