My Insane Day of Flying

You know how there are sometimes those days that just don’t go well? Yesterday was that day for me.

This weekend I was in New York for the Travel Bloggers Exchange (TBEX–if you follow me on Twitter you probably saw the gazillion tweets with that hashtag). It was a great experience–I learned a lot, met many fabulous people in person that I have know online (Hi Grace!!), and got a lot of food for though. I also was able to spend time with some family that moved up there in May.

Monday I was supposed to fly from New York to Nashville for a visit with a client, then leaving for home at 4:50. The NY-NV leg went smoothly (although I was two hours early to the airport–probably a record), but when it was time to head home, not so much. Right as I was leaving for the airport, the skies opened up and the rain came pouring down. I knew this would mean a flight delay, and sure enough. I got to my gate and waited. And waited. We finally got on the plane an hour late, then they told us we wouldn’t be leaving for another hour so we could get off the plane if we wanted. This time it was due to weather in DFW. So I got off the plane, grabbed some food, and hung out in the terminal. After over another hour passed, I found out the connecting flight from DFW home had been canceled. Argh!!

I immediately called and got a car rented, just in case I had to drive. Then I went to the counter to talk to the gate agent, who basically said my options were to drive home from DFW or try to get on the Southwest flight direct from Nashville. I ran over to the Southwest gate and was, luckily, able to get one of the last three seats on the plane. We finally took off from Nashville at 8:35–the same time I was originally supposed to get home. But as we landed, I thought, at least I’m not driving right three hours home right now, which I would have been had I stayed on the American flight.

So the moral to this story is…..okay there’s not one. If you fly enough, there will always be crap that happens. At least there were no drunk people singing on this flight….

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