I Love Emergen-C

One of the things I consistently include on my packing lists, whether it’s for a week vacation, a short business trip, or a day trip, is Emergen-C.  I talk about it all the time to my family and friends, handing out packets for them to try. I don’t work for them, they don’t compensate me in any way, and they probably don’t know I exist. But Emergen-C gets me through my toughest trips away and my longest days at home.

When I started my Lifestyle Change last April, I thought, oh no! My favorite Emergen-C flavor (tangerine) has six carbs in it! I can’t have two of those per day like I have been! And in fact for several months only took it on the direst of days. But last fall I made an amazing discovery. There is a “Lite” version! That only has one carb and five calories! Honestly, it doesn’t taste nearly as good as the Tangerine. But it’s not terrible, and the effect is the same. So now I can feel alert, awake, and productive, without wrecking my Lifestyle Change. Love it!


  1. Enjoy but be careful with these (and any supplement btw ) as there are many minerals in these packets that can lead to kidney stones.

  2. There’s nothing in Emergen-C that isn’t in my daily multiple. Oh, except sugar. I’m glad you opted for the “lite” version, but I think you could do better with a decent multi-vitamin every day, even when you’re not traveling. Just looking out for you! 😉

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