Review: Prive Concept Vert Travel Kit

a box of product in a boxThere are a lot of things I love to write about. Shoes, bags, and etiquette come to mind, as well as travel beauty and being eco-friendly. The Prive Concept Vert Travel Kit combines those last two, as a fabulous travel beauty shampoo and conditioner kit that uses recyclable containers to boot. The great folks at Prive sent me a set to try out, and I have to say I’m in love.

(Note: This week, for some reason, most of my posts are about something eco-related, from re-usable water bottles to re-using hotel towels, and now green travel beauty. Didn’t do it on purpose, just happened. Interesting.)

First, let’s talk about the products themselves. Prive is extremely high quality to start with, and the Concept Vert line is no exception. Because my hair is so dry, I will typically only wash it two to three times a week. As I’ve recently added swimming into my fitness routine, I need to wash it more often, and have been concerned about what effect that will have. Not to worry! My hair has never been this soft, and the conditioner is incredibly moisturizing and gentle on my color-treated hair. Also, the shampoo and conditioner come out like shaving cream , so you need only a very small amount which then expands. It’s also really fun!

The packaging is also really cool. The kit comes with full size bottles and complimentary travel sized bottles. Using the included “link”, you can easily fill and refill the travel bottles. Both the large and small bottles are recyclable, so when you’re done using them they won’t go in the landfill. The travel bottles are 3fl oz exactly, so they will go through airport security with ease.

In addition to their environmentally-conscious packaging, Concept Vert products themselves are eco-friendly.  They are not made with commonly used artificial ingredients such as sulfates, gluten, phthalates, DEA, TEA, mineral oil, paraffin, PABA, paraben, or artificial coloring.
I have used Phyto products exclusively for years, but am likely to  switch permanently. The products work incredibly well, and with no harsh chemicals and recyclable containers, you have yourself a winner. I highly recommend!
Available at salons and spas for $58 (a $68 value).

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