Towel Update! Hilton Santa Clara

Last month, I stayed in the Hilton Santa Clara for a few days. As promised, I made specific note of whether or not they replaced my towel when I didn’t want them to. How did they do? They did very well!! They did not replace my towel, which I had hung up. Well done! That’s two for two, Hilton Family!

(All of my other stays have been only one night, and they are going to replace your towel for the next guest, regardless.)

Anyone else have updates?


  1. My experiences, at many Hilton locations, are very favorable. I’d also like to add my opinion that it’s important to leave a tip for room staff every day, rather than just at the end of the stay, because you can’t be sure that the person who straightens up after check-out is the same person who was there each day. As for the amount, I’ve never known any of them to be richer than me…and most of them work harder! 🙂

  2. you might want to hand them to the housekeeper in question and do it everyday because

    a) can’t be sure person who straightens up after check out is the one who was there

    b) supervisors are known to open the rooms and take the tips of their housekeepers. (it’s an open secret.)

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