What Was Important a Year Ago?

Wow, July just flew by. Can’t believe it will be August next week! Looking back at posts from a year ago, it’s pretty obvious what was on my mind…..food, etiquette, and clothes!

I was in the middle of my healthy eating “life change” and struggling to figure out how to eat well while traveling. Even though it’s been a year, I’m still working on this…..guess that’s why it’s a “life change”…..

One of my most popular and controversial posts ever asked “Is It Rude to Recline Your Seat While Flying?”

There were a few posts about shoes, clothes, makeup, and bags, including a teeny tiny rant about TSA and how many bags you can take through security.

And from two years ago……

A very important post about travel safety.

My first packing list! Ah, memories……


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