Contest: Win a $100 Gas Card from National!! (closed)

a green sign with white textIt’s always nice to get something for free! National Car Rental has a promotion going on right now called “1,2, Free,” which rewards Emerald Club members with a free rental for every two rentals from August 22nd-January 31st 2012. Additionally, participating members can earn a free rental day for referring a friend (pretty awesome, right?!) To take advantage of this promotion, you need to be an Emerald Club member, which is super easy and free and gives you special privileges every time you rent a car from National.

So, in honor of the “1,2, Free” campaign, I thought it would be fun to hear what you would do with your free day. To enter the contest, write a comment about how you would spend your free rental car day. (I, personally, would use my day to drive around Napa and taste wine with the Home Warrior surrounded by that beautiful scenery.) You could win a $100 gas card from National!  The winner will be selected at random from all of the entries, and announced on Friday, September 2. As always, only one entry will be counted per person, and this particular contest is for US residents only (sorry international readers!).

Also, if you get a minute, definitely check out the “1,2, Free” promotion.  As a bonus for me, if enough of my readers click on the link, I will get to be the National Car Rental Featured Travel Pro! So help a girl out, and click on the link.


  1. I will use the free rental to extend my next vacation to Hawaii without extending my budget. You rock!

  2. I actually just booked a trip to sacramento, ca and plan to head to napa valley and thats where I would do with the free rental day. Wine tastings indeed!

  3. I would spend my free car rental day driving up to Salem, MA for the autumn festivities!

  4. I would spend my free rental car day visiting my grandmother and doing what needs to be done, such as shopping and taking her out to dinner, as she does not drive or have her own car.

  5. I would rent a convertible and drive along the ocean in the sun stopping to walk in the waves or wherever and whenever I felt like it!

  6. Definitely convertible with everyone else! top down, sunglasses on, music blaring and ac full blast!

  7. I’d use it for an upcoming road trip to Virginia and save the wear and tear on my personal car.

  8. I’d want to rent a convertible and drive around my town and surrounding areas stopping at cute farm shops and other new things.

  9. My boyfriend and I want to go to Toronto and we were planning on walking around the city and using public transit for the weekend. With a car rental, we could take a day trip to see Niagara Falls!

  10. I have a trip to Maui booked for my 40th Bday so would use the rental for a day trip driving the road to Hana. Amazing!

  11. I’d get a minivan for the day and load up the kids for a daytrip to our state zoo. The best part would be turning it in and letting someone else deal with the juice boxes undere the seat etc.

  12. I’d use a free day to extend a business trip and check out some historic sites in Virginia. Historic as in Revolutionary War and Civil War.
    Thanks for the contest.

  13. Drive from Kona on the Big island to see the lava on the other side of the island… last time we were there we missed it!

  14. I love National and have had a great experience with the pick your car feature. I will use my free rental at Honolulu Hawaii where we have our dream vacation planned during Thanksgiving. The $100 gas card will help us offset the travel cost while cruising in a cool car from National.

  15. I’d drive down the coast from San Francisco to Monterey to visit the aquarium, stopping for brunch in Half Moon Bay, then staying for an early dinner in Monterey.

  16. I would pile as many of my fellow military friends into the biggest van they got and spend the three days tailgating the giants vs. Pats game in mass. Use the seats as lawn chairs, bring our own grill and a giant tent to sleep us all.

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