What to Wear to the Airport: Navy!!

I have a new obsession, and its name is navy. Beautiful, beautiful navy. Three months ago I would never have believed that the pants I am drawn to all the time are navy pinstripes. Sounds stuffy! Boring! But three months ago I was wrong. Everything changed at a bridal shower for a friend. Now, a navy pencil skirt and navy polka-dotted blouse may not sound like traditional attire for a bride, but she looked amazing–pulled together, chic, and classic. And it started my new-found goal of finding the perfect navy pants. Not only are they gorgeous, but navy pants go with all colors–purple, yellow, a woman in a dressturquoise, green….. This weekend I will be checking out a few pairs–the Ann Taylor Curvy Pinstripe Trousers in Navy and the Gap Perfect trouser pants in Navy. Hopefully next week I will sporting a brand new pair! Here is the entire outfit. Love!!

The Banana Republic Lourdes Pleated Blouse was not at all what I had in mind when I started looking, but as soon as I saw it I knew it was the one. This would be beautiful with navy slacks (as well as gray, brown, or taupe).a woman wearing a wide leg pants

Love the cut of these navy Gap Perfect trouser pants. They look comfortable, classic, and best of all the reviews say you can throw them in the washer. Win!

I would finish off the outfit with shoes in a deep plum and a bracelet in a contrasting color, maybe yellow. If you think you’ll get cold, a plum colored cardigan would top it off nicely.

ETA: The comment below makes a good point. I don’t think wearing an entire navy suit is a great idea, as the potential for being mistaken for a flight attendant is pretty high. But navy slacks with a colorful or printed top can work beautifully. The trick, in this instance, is using color to keep your outfit from being too serious.


  1. I disagree. I have had several people assume I am a flight attendant when I wear a navy suit on an airplane. While it’s a great color for looking pulled together in the office, I have specifically dropped it from my traveling wardrobe for this reason.

  2. @BD, excellent point. A navy suit is often tricky to pull off without that “I work for an airline” air! Of course, avoiding jewelry shaped like airplane wings helps…. 😉

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