Hotel Review: Courtyard Marriott DFW

When you think of hotels created with the business traveler in mind, one of the chains to immediately come to mind is Courtyard by Marriott. I don’t think I know a single person who travels regularly for work that doesn’t stay at Courtyards at least some of the time. The nice folks at the DFW location invited the Home Warrior and me to stay there for a few days last month so that I could do a review.

During my stay, I kept a particular eye out for things important to road warriors. Here’s what I found:a coffee shop with a counter and drinks

Lobby/Bistro. The lobbies are so cool now—a real gathering spot. Less formal, more modern, and definitely friendlier. (See a more in depth description with pictures here.) Although I knew that the dining area had been revamped, I was not completely aware of the full extent of it until we ate breakfast. Before, Courtyard hotels had a buffet that was open until around 10am, and that was it in the way of food. But now not only do they have breakfast to order, they are open for dinner and provide room service as well. This was a pleasant surprise! The menu was surprisingly interesting and varied, with everything from salmon to hummus to vegetarian options. And a decent wine list (important!). We tried several things, and they were all very tasty (my favorite—the French Toast with fresh strawberries).

Outdoor area. The courtyard was really lovely. There was the requisite pool (which was closed for the season), but there was a very nice outdoor seating area with couches, tables, and a fireplace. I wish it had been warm enough to actually use!!

Free Wifi. As has been the case in all Courtyards I’ve visited, the wireless internet was free. Logging in was fast and a close-up of a white countersimple, the speed was good, and the service worked with all of our myriad devices (laptops, phones, and iPad).

Room. The room was spacious and serviceable. The bed was large and comfortable, with plenty of pillows. Sitting at the desk working for hours was a great test for the office chair, and it didn’t disappoint. The bathroom had all of the required features, plus an extra we weren’t expecting, but came in handy—a bottle opener. Our window view was of the courtyard, which was much preferable to the parking lot.

Staff. The staff was knowledgeable, friendly, and gave great advice. We ate at Campisi’s Egyptian Room (on recommendation of my brother-in-law), and the desk clerk gave perfect directions. When we were looking for a nearby park to take our dog, we were given several options within just a few miles. Courteous, excellent service was all we ever received.

Overall, our stay was great. I highly recommend Courtyard by Marriott to business travelers. They are constantly thinking of ways to make our lives easier, from boarding pass printing stations to delicious, accessible food to comfortable lodgings. They also have a great rewards program, plenty of locations, and reasonable prices. Win!


  1. I’m actually a little down on Courtyards right now. I’ve stayed at 4 locations in the past month & found them to be of wildly varying quality. I know they’re in the midst of remodeling lobbies but the linen quality ranged from luxurious to thin. Also, while consistency can be comforting, that photo of the typewriter is getting really old! 🙂

  2. Personally, I prefer to stay at cheaper places than Marriotts while on the road. It just doesn’t make sense financially.

    The difference between paying $150 a night for a Marriott room and $40 a night for a cheapo room is a whopping $3,300 a month.

    There’s a lot a traveler can do with that kind of cash. I guess it’s just a different style of travel, but personally I prefer to save money on accommodations and spend it on experiences or improving income instead.

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