Contest! Win a $25 gift card and Go Like a Pro basket from National!! (closed)

a green sign with white textHappy 25th Anniversary, Emerald Club! National’s loyalty program was the first of its kind when it was started 25 years ago, and they are celebrating their 25th anniversary this month! To help them commemorate 25 years, we’re doing a contest!!

In the comments, tell us about what you were doing 25 years ago. In college? First grade? Traveling the world? Getting married? Tell us! One winner will be randomly selected to win a $25 AMEX gift card and a “Go Like a Pro” kit filled with everything you need for business travel! It includes a National tumbler, a National embossed leather writing pad, a National pen set, a weekend duffle bag, and a driving kit. (Winner will be drawn randomly from entries on Thursday, March 22. One entry per person.) For another chance to win, check out the National “Blast from the Past” contest on Facebook!

Twenty-five years ago I was in kindergarten, having a great time exploring the woods behind our house. I had a cat and my best friend lived across the street. Life was good!

So Readers, what were you doing 25 years ago?

Road Warriorette received a $25 gift card for doing this contest.



  1. I was working as a nanny and getting ready to go to boarding school. I was thirteen. I also had my first serious kiss that year. Good times.

  2. Oy, 25 years ago I was working in a job that I loved that entailed traveling around the US working with customers and colleagues. I was 34, and the world was my oyster!1987 was a red-letter year – both of my siblings got married that year, and I got a new boss who taught me a lot and gave me lots of opportunity.

  3. 25 years ago today, I was not yet introduced into this world! In a couple months I was though!

  4. 25 years ago I was a little girl in 1st grade whose best friend was an amazing dog named Max. We played together outside everyday.

  5. I was just starting preschool… 25 solid years of education later, I’m finally finishing it by taking my PhD.

  6. 25 Years ago I was in the Air Force in Minuteman Missile Silos fighting the Cold War, writing “To Russia With Love” on the rockets. Thank God those days are over…. Or are they???

  7. I was not born yet, but I probably would have been listening to 80s music with my hair all puffed up

  8. Travelling somewhere between time and space, definitely not in existence on this very planet yet.

  9. I was about to graduate high school and had a wonderful summer full of good times and concerts!

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