What to Wear to the Airport: A gorgeous skirt from Banana Republic!

Even though it’s still regularly over 100 degrees here in Texas, the fall collections are coming out in stores. Banana Republic has a ton of fabulous fall work clothes on the website right now. A few of my favorites are the gorgeous Julie Belted Sheath in Purple Orchid, the Belted Shift Dress in Dark Grey, and the Silk Bowtie Blouse in Gray Literature. (I thought I really liked the Print Silk Tie Blouse until I realized the “print” is little tiny “BR”s. Um, random logo much?) But my favorite is the Welt Pocket Pencil Skirt in Cerise, a bold hot pink. It will transition well to fall, and in a lot of places you could wear it during winter too. The material has plenty of spandex, so it will move with you and should also resist wrinkles. Plus it’s so, so cute!! I would wear it with something in a neutral gray (like the Silk Bowtie Blouse) or camel. Also available in Black, $89.50, sizes 00-16.

Hooray fall!!


  1. I suggest wearing slacks, not a skirt to the airport. I admit to not having statistically valid samples but my experience (and that of other women I know) suggests that wearing a skirt if far more likely to lead you to be selected for nude-o-scopes and/or aggressive pat-downs.

  2. I saw this and laughed a little bit. I’m always the one that shows up in gym shorts and a comfy tshirt with a hoodie for my long-haul flights. Being in yuor early 20s, dressing like it, and sitting in Global First is always interesting when it comes to service. Maybe I should take your advice and find something a little more upscale (preferrably not a skirt).

  3. I always wear pants to the airport – for the reason noted above, but also because the temperature on airplanes is almost always too cold rather than too warm. Last night on my red-eye flight the guy next to me practically begged for a blanket (was told there are none in coach), while I, in my comfy but still tailored knit pants from JJill, was wrapped in my shawl.

    I also wanted to say that many of the online reviews of the Banana “Belted Shift Dress in Dark Grey” noted how tight the sleeves are on that dress. I say, “what else is new, Banana?” I think that’s a problem on a lot of their clothing. And I have no idea why they so consistently do that.

  4. I totally agree with y’all about long term flights–comfort is the name of the game there!!

    @Miriam I always wear bike shorts under skirts and dresses for that exact reason. But sometimes, especially in the summer, I just can’t wear pants anymore–it’s too hot. And since I mostly go from the airport to the office, whatever I wear has to be office-ready. On those days, a cute skirt fits the bill! (for me)

    @Elle I didn’t check out the reviews for the Belted Shift Dress. Bummer, although it doesn’t surprise me either. What did surprise me was that the lengths of most of the dresses and skirts were mostly office-appropriate, even on these long legged models. Hopefully that’s true in person as well!

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