What was important last year?

Boy, there was a lot going on last August!

Travel Safety: The Hotel Edition gave a roundup of tips for staying safe in a hotel room. Some readers thought they were excessive, but IMO better safe than sorry!

There were a lot of discussions about etiquette, especially remembering to watch your bags as you go down the aisle. Don’t want to hit anyone in the face with your purse or briefcase!

We talked about whether or not business travelers actually love business travel, or just do it because they have to.

A reader asked an excellent question about traveling for months at a time, and other readers banded together to give her great advice!

Reader M wowed us all with her amazing First Class Travel Kit. Honestly, I’m still pretty darn impressed!

Finally, a reminder: if your flight is cancelled while you’re at the airport, go get in line AND at the same time call customer service. You will get faster service with two potential avenues of help!

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