Poll: How much travel makes a Road Warrior?

Recently, a friend said that a road warrior is anyone who travels for business on a regular basis, even if that’s only once a quarter. It got me thinking—is there a threshold? How often do you have to travel to be considered a road warrior? There are people who travel Sunday-Thursday, every week, and people who travel three or four times a year. And of course, people in the middle who travel a couple of times a month. So Readers, what do you think?

How much do you have to travel to be considered a Road Warrior?

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  1. I chose other because I am not even sure what the title implies but I bet it is different for everyone. I travel about four to eight nights per month. To me, giving myself the title road warrior would be way too intense because I don’t really want my travel to define who I am. Plus, I manage all this pretty well and do feel like I am home more than I am not. But I bet some of my colleagues would disagree.

  2. I don’t think it has to be EVERY week, but I think definitely more than once a month. I’d say anyone who travels once a month is definitely someone who “travels frequently for business”, but…not a road warrior. Not unless that once a month is for a heck of a lot of nights (I think most people I know who travel once a month do it for a few days at most)

  3. My company internally defines a ‘Road Warrior’ as one who travels more than 50,000 miles in a calendar year for business. Reaching this mark permits business-class travel on long-haul flights the following calendar year.

  4. I think you have to be on the road more than you’re home to be considered a road warrior. I travel about 3 weeks out of the quarter and do not consider myself one.

  5. I think that the duration of the trip also factors in…I don’t travel every week but when I do travel it’s 2-3 weeks at a time.

  6. A Road Warrior is anyone who has had to endure being away from home and missed a crisis or school function, anyone who has been stuck out of town due to weather, volcanic eruption (yes!), or canceled flight, anyone who has taken a red-eye, showered, and gone to a client pitch or presentation that morning, anyone who knows their gate agent by sight…

  7. I too think it is a self defining label. A friend travels to London once a month, stays just one night. She barely gets hotel status but she logs nearly 100K miles a year flying this route. She says she isn’t a road warrior because she is home much more than her husband who travels about one week in six.

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