Earn bonus Hilton HHonors points!

There is a bonus deal going on right now for Hilton HHonors points, the 1,000 Reason Promotion. Earn 1k extra points for every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday night you stay at a Hilton through Dec. 31. I don’t usually travel on the weekends, but I can definitely get some good use out of this for Thursday and Monday nights. Hooray extra points! Click here to sign up.


  1. Actually, I respectfully disagree that this is a good promotion. It is worse (in general) than double points or other promotions. That promotion made me get just enough points to hit Diamond and then switch back to Starwood for triple points.

  2. @Daniel–While I certainly like accumulating points, I’m not really a points blogger. If I come across a promotion that I think will be helpful to my readers, I will post it, even if it has already started. This particular promo lasts until the end of December so there is plenty of time for people to take advantage. Thanks for the feedback.

  3. I am sending this from the Naha Doubletree in Okinawa on a Friday night. This is a great hotel, but it is not on the list of participating properties, so no bonus for me.

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