I want these: V-Moda Crossfade Noise Isolating Headphones

a pair of headphones with a wireThe V-Moda Crossfade Noise Isolating Headphones are stylish, compact, and super-durable. What else does a traveler need? These headphones have been constructed with military-level quality so you don’t have to worry that your rough handling will damage them. Grammy-award winning musicians assisted in the design, so you know the sound is good. Plus they are ergonomically designed to be super comfy. Win! They are currently for sale on Amazon, regularly $230, now $199.

Also, in case you’re planning your Christmas shopping, Amazon has put together a list of recommended electronics for travelers (among other groups). I took a look at it, and I think they did a decent job of compiling items that I would like to have. There were headphones, lightweight computers, mp3 players, cameras, GPS units, and of course, the new Kindles. Make sure you check out their Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, which they are updating frequently. Last week they had a Kindle Fire on sale for something ridiculous like $139, but I missed it. Hope you have better luck!

Shop Amazon – Black Friday Deals Week

Shop Amazon – Cyber Monday Deals Week

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  1. This is on my to buy list as well. I have been watching the pricing on these for a couple of weeks. Just an FYI the pricing on the LP2 was 179 a few days (thats the one I want to get). And if you dont mind getting the LP, then V-moda actually has a refurb on their own site for a damn good price of $127!

  2. Be aware:
    Noise isolating is not the same as Noise Canceling.
    Isolating just means it covers the ears to protect from outside noise.
    Canceling means that it has electronic circuitry that eliminates the noise.

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