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What was important in Februaries past?

(February is a weird word to write in the plural!) February 2012: I compiled my favorite tips for the plane etiquette round up TOMS came out with ballet flats The New York Times and I disagreed about the top 5 ways to avoid baggage fees A friend got some help about traveling with injectable medicine…

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Shopping for Travel Shoes

The dreary weather has me longing for sunshine, spring, and bright colors. I feel like I’ve got a case of the blahs, and my accessories aren’t exactly doing it for me lately. One thing that I bet would help (because let’s be honest, it always helps) is new shoes. Not to mention that my feet…

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Travel news roundup: Mergers, sharing perks, and unexpected travel benefits

American Airlines and US Airways: The merger is finally supposed to happen. Or is it? Articles abound today about the merger and what it means for travelers. A secret board meeting is supposed to happen next week to vote.  Reports are that the company will be based in Dallas, will be called American Airlines, and…

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