The things people will do to save money

The law of math is pretty simple: if you split the cost of a room with someone, then you save money. If that person is a family member or friend, it makes for a fun time! But what if that person is a stranger? USA Today has an article about a new service offering exactly that: Easynest. Basically, you make a profile, give them your travel plans, and they match you up with someone to share your room with.

I guess for some super budget travelers or the very adventurous this would be fun, but it sounds terrifying to me. At this point in my life, I don’t even really like to share a room with someone that’s not a family member! Too many years of having my own space, I guess.

Readers, what do you think? Would you ever take advantage of a service like this? What about in your (crazy?) past?


  1. As a woman, there is NO WAY I would be willing to spend the night in a hotel with a stranger. Physical safety issues aside, opportunities for identity theft, or liability for another person’s possessions or safety are a huge issue.

    Remember all the crazy stuff that happened in the hostels we stayed in back in the day?–Imagine what could happen with those folks having access to your computer, wallet, phone–while you are using the bathroom at night?

  2. If anyone has stayed in a hostel before, it can’t be too much worse; especially if you are able to give parameters about your suite mate

  3. No way I would do this as an adult. I didn’t even like staying in hostels when I was a broke backpacker.

  4. depending on the location, I’d do it. I’ve stayed with strangers before back in high school conferences and at hostels while backpacking back in the day.

  5. I would only share a room with a Nigerian civil servant who has millions of dollars they want to send me

  6. Rule #1 NEVER share a room when you travel unless its the person you normally share a bed with!

  7. As a petite sized woman, there’s no way I would do it just to save money.

    I always figured that if I can’t afford or budget a room for traveling (even at a low-end hotel or hostel), then I have no business traveling for leisure. (And in fact, I didn’t travel a lot growing up…)

  8. 30 years ago I rented a room at a B&B in Ireland. I kid you not, just after I had settled in an Australian chap came in……she had rented out the other side of the double bed. Nice fellah though !

  9. Reminds me of Planes, Trains and Automobiles with John Candy and Steve Martin sharing a room. The reasons why they use this for comedy is it usually doesn’t work out. The reason Penthouse Letters uses this as an unbelievable fantasy is because the odds of it working out well are pure fantasy.
    Although I wouldn’t do it many people do stuff like this. Just look at the couchsurfing sites.

  10. From this womans point of view – I would never stay with a stranger! Had enough of roomates in college days and the workd has changed a but since then. I came very close to having to share with my boss when she forget to make her hotel reservation when traveling together luckily with frequent traveler status at the hotel they found a room for her

  11. This may be a cultural thing too. When I was growing up in the UK it was not uncommon for men friends to share a bed , or even dance together, and nobody thought it was odd either.

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