Old Navy shopping report: 4 good pieces for travel

A long-standing tradition of mine is to go shopping on my birthday. It feels special and a little indulgent—perfect for a self-celebration! Old Navy has come out some fun spring items, so I headed over there yesterday to check them out. I found four pieces that I think would be good for business travel and two that definitely would not be. (There’s also a bonus from Athleta.)

Old Navy shopping report

  1. Fit and Flare Jersey Dress. This dress is soft, comfortable, and super cute. The jersey is heavy enough to skim, and the flare hides a multitude of sins. It’s just barely long enough for me to feel comfortable traveling in it. For those taller than 5’7” (my height) or with long legs, you may want to relegate it to the weekend. There is a scooped back which may not be appropriate for all offices, but a cardigan will cover it. I got the kelly green color and wore it last night with a yellow skinny belt and nude flats.
  2. Boyfriend V-neck Cardi. This cardigan is longer, super soft, and very cozy. It will be great for plane rides, as well as the remaining colder weather up north.
  3. Printed Jersey Pencil Skirt. My expectations were pretty low for this skirt, since the last iteration of Old Navy’s jersey pencil skirt was sub par. This one is awesome. Fits my hourglass shape perfectly, and flatters my curves without exaggerating anything. It’s long enough to be professional but I can still walk in it (my main problem with the last version), plus it’s very comfortable. The jersey is very thick and looks great.
  4. The Pixie Skinny Ankle Pants. These pants are so cute and come in a ton of adorable prints. They were very stretchy and incredibly comfortable. Unfortunately they are made for straighter figures because when they fit my hips they were too big on my waist, and too small on my hips when they fit my waist. If you have less of a difference in hip-to-waist I definitely recommend you go try them. They would be great for travel.
  5. Athleta Retreat Chaturanga Tights. These are just a bonus recommendation because I love them so much. I got the super bright Black Multi print, which is basically bright orange stripes, and they are the best yoga pants ever. So soft, they feel like wearing flattering air. Everyone should have a pair. I will likely wear these the next time I travel overseas because they are that great.

I also tried on two things that are not great for travel, the Chambray Button Front Shirtdress and Classic Chambray Shirt. They had the same main issue: no stretch. Obviously stretch is not required for day to day life, or if you’re just sitting at your desk. But for travel, when you have to lift suitcases, bend over, and sit for hours, it just makes life better if your clothes move with you instead of constraining you. As far as fit goes, I still bought the chambray shirt and will wear it at home because it is super cute. But the dress was awful. The drawstring is in a weird place and it just wasn’t flattering at all.

Normally I also go shoe shopping on my birthday, but I broke my pinky toe (again! argh.) so trying on shoes wasn’t in the cards. TIP: There are several companies who send you coupons for your birthday, including Old Navy ($10 off), DSW ($5 off), and Sephora (free gift). Just sign up for their email or rewards programs.

Readers, do you go birthday shopping? Found any great pieces for business travel lately?

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