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Hey readers! Got a question or something you want to discuss this weekend?  Here’s the perfect opportunity!  Whether you want to shareWeekend Express pic an interesting travel story, a packing tip, an etiquette tip, or anything else going on in the business travel world, comment here and we’ll have a discussion.

Travel tip of the week:

  • Travel with a few packets of Emergen-CWe are getting close to the time of year where people start getting sick.  Traveling exposes you to all kinds of nasty viruses and bacteria.  Emergen-C gives your immune system the boost you need to help protect you from getting sick.  Check out what other medications I take on business trips as well.

Week in review:

Here are travel news stories that caught my eye this week:

Comment of the week:

  • @Claire shares her opinion on a post I did asking if seat reclining should be banned.  I’m a staunch anti-recline tall person but make an exception for red-eyes. I don’t think that outright banning reclining or charging for it makes any sense. I also don’t buy the argument that everyone should just recline to maintain the same amount of space because if you’re in front of an exit row or in the dreaded last row you often cannot recline at all anyway.
    One (unlikely) solution is in the mechanics of the seats. Rather than moving the backrest back to recline, the seat should slide forward to create the angle. This seems more common on trains but makes sense for planes too. That way if someone chooses to recline they’re smashing their own knees instead of the person behind them.
    Until that happens people could just try behaving like polite adults…might be crazy enough to work.”

Readers, chime in with what’s on your mind! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


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