Watch your step!

The Home Warrior and I travel to South Texas a few times a year to visit my grandmother.  There is a lot of interesting stuff to look at on 10-1-14-3
thisdrive because there’s so much open land.  Two of my favorites are the huge wind farm in Raymondville, and the King Ranch which is one of the largest ranches in the world (825,000 acres).

With so much open land on this drive, and very little traffic, you can pay more attention to the scenery.  That brings me to the picture in this post.  The Home Warrior and I always notice this house on the drive; as you can see there’s a back door on the second level that leads to nowhere.  I giggle every time we drive past it because it’s so silly! What is the point of this door???  The best thing I could come up with is they were planning on building a deck and never got around to it, but every time we make this trip we look for this house.

Readers, any strange things that you have noticed when taking a road trip?

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  1. As a native Texan, when I saw “Texas” and “watch your step,” something else sprung to mind.

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