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Y’all, I am burnt out on travel. I have gone somewhere every single week for the last three months. After this much time on the road some 10-1-14-1things become routine but others start slipping through the cracks. When I notice that I’m forgetting essentials, it’s time to slow down and make a list. Here are the things I have to do before every trip so to make sure it’s successful.

  1. Double check flight times. Last week I got to the airport, thinking I had thirty minutes until my flight boarded. Nope! Flight time was twenty minutes earlier than I thought, so I had to hustle to get to the gate in time.
  2. Make a list for all of the things to grab in the morning. While I do the bulk of my packing at night, there are always a few things I need to grab the morning of my trip. After I almost left without my glasses, I now make a list of the last few items to pack (usually makeup, brush, curling iron, glasses).
  3. Remember headphones! I forgot my headphones, again. Had to buy ugly cheap ones at the airport, again. Sigh.
  4. Check flight status. I haven’t had any major issues with this lately, but when major delays happen (like Chicago last week) it reminds me that it’s better safe than sorry.
  5. Check the weather. This time of year temperatures can vary widely across regions. Make sure you know what the weather will be at your destination so you can pack appropriate clothes.
  6. Look at your packing list. Then look at it again. Then again. Seriously. I have forgotten so many things lately that I have to triple check that I’ve got everything.  I’ve gotten out of the habit of using my packing travel app Packing Pro.  I plan to get back to using it more regularly very soon!

It looks like after October I’ll have a solid few weeks at home to recharge. Hopefully after that I will be refreshed and ready to tackle life on the road! Until then, my trusty lists will have to keep me going.

Readers, what do you struggle with after a long period of frequent travel?

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  1. Got you beat! I have been in the US precisely 6 whole days since mid-July. So I do longer-term long haul travel. I board a flight in approximately 12 hours to go home for a week, then back to China for another 4.
    I would add the following to your list:
    1) Extra batteries for the gadgets that are not rechargeable (like my Bose headphones). These can be expensive if you are in transit in an airport and don’t have local currency to purchase.
    2) Weather – also pack a small folding umbrella.
    3) Appropriate chargers/cables/adapters for your devices. Nothing sucks like forgetting your laptop charger. Or having a cable with 3 prongs when almost all of the outlets are 2 prong.
    3) Check voltages/frequencies of your chargers – you can destroy a charger/laptop by trying to use 120V/60Hz when the standard is 240V/50Hz. Fortunately, most chargers can handle both.
    4) Sufficient Prescription/OTC meds in the original packaging. I have never been hassled, but you never know.
    5) Check your calling/data plan for your phone, and TURN OFF DATA ROAMING unless your company says it is OK to run up thousands of dollars in data charges.
    6) Copies of all your travel documents (paper is preferred as paper never runs out of juice).
    7) Contact your CC companies to let them know you will be out of the area. I have one card that called my home with a fraud alert because I had the nerve to purchase gas along the way on a road trip.

  2. Your suggestions for a Business Conference capsule is invaluable. Just returned from a four day conference (with a day on either side for pleasure. Business casual was the suggested dress code along with comfortable shoes for the miles of walking. Because of your blog I was well-prepared and appropriately dressed and able to use carry-on only.
    I had a small (20″) roller with room to bring back the swag, as you suggest, and a le pliage type personal item — that’s it! Both items fit in the overhead for the roller and under the seat for the personal item on express jets. What freedom!
    I witnessed many other attendees during conference check out — male and female — as they struggled with their multiple cases after the same conference. Cannot say thank you enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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