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Hey readers! Got a question or something you want to discuss this weekend?  Here’s the perfect opportunity!  Whether you want to share Weekend Express pican interesting travel story, a packing tip, an etiquette tip, or anything else going on in the business travel world, comment here and we’ll have a discussion.

Travel tip of the week:

  • Having trouble with connecting to your hotel Wi-Fi network?  It happens to all of us.  See if your hotel has an old school hard-wired connection to connect via Ethernet cable.  You’ll often see these connections on or near the desk in your room.  Connecting  via Ethernet provides a much smoother and faster connection.  I recommend a long compact retractable Ethernet cable such as this eight foot one from Belkin.  Sometimes the hotel will have a non-removable Ethernet cable built in to the wall or desk.  Problem with this is the cable is often not very long which doesn’t give you a lot of flexibility on where you work in your room.  When this happens you’ll need an adapter to connect your longer cable to the hotels Ethernet cable.

Week in review:

Here are travel news stories that caught my eye this week:

Comment of the week:

  • @Darth Chocolate posted a comment on the post I did on Business travel basics.  Got you beat! I have been in the US precisely 6 whole days since mid-July. So I do longer-term long haul travel. I board a flight in approximately 12 hours to go home for a week, then back to China for another 4.  I would add the following to your list…” . Read the rest of the comment here

Readers, chime in with what’s on your mind! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

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