Ways to help sleep on the road

Sleeping on a plane and in a hotel room isn’t always an easy thing during a business trip.  Being exhausted from a day of traveling helps, but not 1-13-15-2being in your own bed plus having all the responsibilities of a business trip on your mind can make getting a little shut eye a frustrating experience.  As business travelers know, if you get one bad night of sleep your entire trip can get thrown off.  Luckily there are some products and tips for helping with sleep on the road.  Here they are. 

Portable humidifier.  This time of year the air is just so darn dry.  Humidifiers are great for adding moisture back into the air but tend to be too bulky for travel.  The Satechi USB Portable Humidifier looks to be a great solution to the bulkiness problem.  It’s about the size of half a can of Coke, and the coolest part is that all it needs is a bottle of water.  (I discovered this product from a Fox News Travel story.)

Follow your normal bedtime routine.  I highly recommend you follow your home routine when trying to go to sleep in a hotel room.  If you wash your face and read before you go to bed try and do the same thing when you travel.  Try to also go to bed at the same time you normally do at home.  Time changes can make this a challenge, but make adjustments and stick to the routine.  The more you do things like you would at home the better chance you’ll have falling asleep.

White Noise app.  Whether you’re on a plane or in a hotel the White Noise app is a great way to drown out just about any background noise.  It has saved the day for me on countless occasions.  I use it with my headphones to sleep on the plane, I use it when I have loud neighbors at the hotel, I use it when it’s too quiet at a hotel, and I even use it every night at home to help the Mini Warrior sleep.  The great news is this app is free right now!

Prep for the morning.  Sometimes when I travel somewhere new I have trouble sleeping thinking about all the things I have to do when I wake up in the morning.  I’ll be thinking about the unknowns such as: What am I going to wear?  What will traffic be like on my drive to work?  What do I need to bring with me?  And so on.  It helps to spend a little time before I go to bed and figure those things out. That way not only will it not keep me up all night, I’ll have a less chaotic morning.

Eye maskEye masks work great in hotels and on planes.  In the hotel they are perfect for when the blinds aren’t blocking the morning light well enough.  On a plane they work great for blocking overhead lights, and blocking light coming in from a raised window shade.

Travel pillow and Pashmina/Travel Blanket.  When I’m on a long flight the combination of a travel pillow, pashmina, and travel blanket are just what I need to feel cozy enough to sleep.  If I didn’t have these products for a long flight I would be in trouble.

Readers, what are the things you do to help with sleep when on the road? 


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  1. I really like the Sleep with Me App. It really helps me fall asleep, especially when it’s a little loud at the hotel. also, it’s better than having the tv on or using that to fall asleep.

  2. Lots of hotels have humidifiers available for guests, you just have to ask. I’m horribly sensitive to dry air so I always get one in the winter. I like to run it overnight so I’d drain the mini one way too quickly.

  3. I travel with a small diffuser and Young Living essential oils. I have one for removing the germs from the room, another for purifying the air and another that helps me sleep. I have noticed such a difference!

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