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From the Road Warriorette homefront….

Change is in the wind here at Road Warriorette HQ. What kind of change, you ask? Well, the exciting but unexpected kind. The oh-my-goodness-how-did-we-get-into-this-but-isn’t-it-awesome kind. The double trouble kind. That’s right. We are expecting twins. As in, two babies at once, taking our family from three to five. The blessed event is happening this summer.…

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Ryanair up to their old tricks

Last week word got out that Ryanair, which is a large discount airline in Europe, was going to have seats available for less than $15 each way for flights to the US.  Fifteen dollars! It was said to have been approved by Ryanair’s board, but would take several years before available.  The airline would make…

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Why business travel is so important

A few years ago when the Home Warrior was working in inside sales there was an executive that he couldn’t stand working with. He was constantly overworked by this executive who had no boundaries when in came to work hours.  Requests would come in at ridiculous times, with the expectation that they would be completed…

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