5 easy ways to be eco-friendly on business trips

Happy Earth Day, fellow travelers!MobileEdge scanfast eco backpack

It’s not always easy to keep a focus on the environment during business travel. So much is out of our control—whether the hotel has recycling, the packaging that comes on our take-out, if there are hybrids available to rent. That being said, there are things we can do before our trips to think green. Here are five easy ways to be eco-friendly on business trips.

Bring a water bottle. Since getting my awesome water bottle with built-in filter from the Home Warrior for Christmas my water intake on trips has at least doubled. I’m able to drink more water without more effort, plus I don’t have to throw away a bunch of plastic bottles. Win! A reader also recommended the sport bottle version.

Mobile Edge eco-friendly bags. Mobile Edge has always had high quality bags, but now there are some great eco-friendly versions as well. The ECO friendly laptop tote comes in a variety of colorways and will hold a 17” laptop, plus it has plenty of pockets. The ScanFast Checkpoint and Eco-friendly Backpack will allow you to leave your laptop inside while going through security checkpoints (even without TSA Pre-Check!) plus has a ton of pockets. Both are under $100.

Green your beauty routine. Compared to a few years ago there are SO MANY kinds of eco-friendly beauty products available. Try green toiletries from Phyto or Juice Beauty, makeup from Tarte or Aveda, or simply use eco-friendly brushes to make your beauty routine more earth-friendly.

Manduka eKO travel yoga mat. I’ve got this travel yoga mat, and it is fantastic. It folds up into a tiny square, and over a rented yoga mat or hotel carpet will provide an excellent grip for your asanas. Bonus, it’s made from natural tree rubbers with no harmful dyes. A workout win!

Use an eReader. This one almost feels like cheating, because it’s just as good for you as it is for the planet. Instead of buying books or magazines for your next trip, use your eReader (or tablet with an eReader app). I love my Kindle Paperwhite—thousands of books and magazines available for download (including free ones from the library!) plus it takes up way less room than the two or three books I used to bring on trips.

Readers, what are your favorite ways to be eco-friendly on business trips?

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