Fall 2015 trends to add to your business travel wardrobe

I don’t know what it is—maybe a holdover from back to school, maybe the weather (kind of) starting to change… But something about fall makes me want to update my wardrobe. While I would not label myself as a trend-setter, there are usually a few runway-inspired trends that I feel fit my lifestyle (in the right doses). Here are my favorite fall 2015 trends for my business travel wardrobe.

Fall 2015 trends

  1. Windowpane. It’s an interesting print to be a trend, but it’s easy to incorporate into your work wardrobe. When they are neutral colors, you can simply wear them in place of solid black or gray pants. I love these Slim Cropped Pants in Charcoal Windowpane from Gap. Another example is the Pixie in White-Dash from Old Navy.
  2. Booties. Booties are back in a big way, worn with everything from dresses to skirts to pants. I just got these Lucky Brand Basel booties in Pewter, and words can’t express how much I love them. They are the perfect neutral yet interesting compliment to almost every outfit.
  3. Fringe. Fringe is a really hard trend to pull off at work. On clothes it can be incredibly distracting, plus it’s not practical at all for business travel. However, purses have more leeway. This bag from Alla Leather Art has a tiny bit of fringe—enough to be interesting but not so much that it’s going to bother you while dashing through an airport. Plus it’s the perfect size to hold the essentials when you don’t need your full briefcase.
  4. Current colors. The hot colors for fall from Pantone are an interesting study in contrasts. On the one hand you have earth tones such as olive, dusty blue, and buff. On the other, brights such as orchid, teal, and orange. Check out the hues and choose your favorites to incorporate. You probably have some in your wardrobe already!
  5. Leopard. Another holdover from last season, leopard is all over every Pinterest fashion board. Like fringe, animal prints are best left to accessories. I love these leopard pointy-toed flats from Nine West (although these from Lucky Brand are an adorable ballet-flat version).
  6. Flannel. Nothing makes you feel warm and cozy like a flannel shirt. Luckily there are plenty of more tailored versions out there that can work for a business casual office. I love the colors and lines of this longer version from Le3no. Wear it with slim navy slacks or tucked into a gray pencil skirt and you will be professional yet trendy at the same time.

It’s not always easy to incorporate fashion trends into your work wardrobe, but in small, tailored doses it’s definitely possible!

Readers, what are your favorite trends for work-wear this year?

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