Anyone Used AmazonBasics Luggage?

amazonbasicsI got a surprise text from my father-in-law this morning. “I want to  get a carry-on for Home Warrior’s mom for Christmas. Do you have  any suggestions?” A surprise because my FIL is typically way ahead of the curve on Christmas gift buying–we usually get emails asking what we want in mid-November. So the fact that he was buying a gift a mere five days out is pretty out of character! He also specified it had to come from Amazon so he can make sure he gets it in time.

First, I responded with the Travelpro Crew 11 21” Spinner that is my current favorite. I thought it would be great for my mother-in-law because it’s so light and easy to maneuver. At $187, that was a bit more than he wanted to pay. Next I sent my go-to budget-friendly suggestion, the Ogio International Layover. It’s the newer version of the suitcase I used for seven years, and at $125 is very affordable. He nixed it for her (although it sounds like he may want to buy it for himself–hah!).

He then sent me a link to this AmazonBasics Softside Spinner. He liked that it is carry-on sized, lightweight, has spinners, and is only $55. Looking at the pictures and features I think that it could have more pockets, and that while it is 21” long (including wheels and handle) the bag itself is only 19”, which is not huge. That’s all I can get from just looking at the specs though. I’ve never even heard of AmazonBasics, so I have no background information at all. I told him I’d do my best to find out what I could!

Has anyone purchased AmazonBasics luggage? Does it seem like it would hold up well for infrequent use, or do you think it’s better to spend the $125 and get a much better bag?


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  1. I’ve an AmazonBasics laptop bag and love it. Was a good bit less expensive than the lowest priced bag.

    Had it for about six months and travel weekly with it. No issues so far.

  2. It’s a bit heavy, the shipping weight is over 8 pounds. This Aerolite bag weighs only 4.62 lbs and is 22x14x9 Inch (All Parts) / 18.7×13.8×9 Inch (Body), which seems a similar size.

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