2016 Road Warrior Gift Guide

mobile-officeAs  hard as it is to believe, Christmas is only 11 days away. If you are still trying to frantically figure out what to get your special someone, don’t despair! Business travelers need all kinds of stuff. Here are some of my favorite gifts for road warriors.

Road Warrior Gift Guide

Suitcase. A great suitcase will make travel so much easier for your favorite business traveler. Do they travel with suits? SkyRoll makes a great suitcase for women and one for men. Do they travel internationally? The super-light, incredibly efficient Travelpro Crew 11 will help your loved one fly through the airport. Do they need something smaller? The Eagle Creek Pop Top Carry-on compresses down to half-size, but can be full-sized when you need more room.

Personal item. Whether they want a travel purse, briefcase, or backpack, there are plenty of great travel bags on the market that will keep your road warrior organized. I love the Lo and Son’s O.G., but have also heard great things about the rolling Samsonite Mobile Office briefcase and the Solo Vintage Colombian Leather Backpack.

Pashmina. The multi-tool for business travelers! A long scarf will work as a blanket, pillow, napkin, swimsuit coverup, and accessory. I have several in a range of colors, and I’m looking to add a plaid one to my collection.

Special toiletries. Help your loved one pamper themselves a bit while they’re on the road. One of my favorite fragrances is Almond from L’Occitane. Another idea–a bath bomb and face mask that will turn just another night at a hotel into a mini-spa retreat. And don’t forget something to put it in! The EMME Petite toiletry bag is the perfect size for a quick trip.

Small electronics. One of the most important things in my bag is my Kindle Paperwhite. It holds hundreds of books, is super small, and let’s me read in the dark. I also love my Bose earbuds.

What’s on my list? Hue leggings, a “blarf,” a new pair of nude flats, Saltwater Sandals, and a mandolin (which I will NOT be traveling with!).

Readers, what are you getting for your loved ones? What is on your list for yourself?


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