5 Free Apps Every Business Traveler Needs

How did people travel before smartphones? When I think of how frequently I use my phone, on every single trip, for how many travel-related items, my mind boggles. I love my phone, I love my apps, and I am so appreciative of technology!

Here are five free apps every business travelers needs (plus a few extra favorites):

White Noise Free. Have you ever noticed how noisy hotels are? Slamming doors, elevator dings, ice machines, and the oddly irregular in-room ACs all contribute to an environment that is the opposite of soothing. Enter my favorite app, White Noise Free. We use it at home, we use it in our kids’ rooms, and I use it every night I travel. You can choose from a large variety of types of noise (I prefer heavy rainfall). It’s free. Go download it now!

TripIt. The free version of TripIt is great for keeping all of your travel details organized, alerting you to any changes in your itinerary. There is a subscription version that does even more. Love it!

Yelp/Urban Spoon. If you’re not sure where to eat when you travel these apps will become your best friend. Get ratings and recommendations anywhere you go. I’ve found some of my favorite local eateries this way!

Waze. Get directions anywhere you want to go. Most importantly, find out instantly if there is a slowdown in front of you, and get a faster route.

Weather Channel. Before you leave find out the weather at your destination, and pack accordingly. Done and done.

Other favorites:

Readers, what are your favorite free apps for business travel?


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  1. Flightaware. I sign up to get notifications about my flight and usually know about delays or cancellations before the airline app or airport boards report it.

    Ditto your words about TripIt.

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