Rent from Avis, get Amazon gift cards (and how to do it)

Amazon and Avis have teamed up to offer money back–rent from Avis, get Amazon gift cards. Simply link up your Amazon and Avis accounts, and you’ll get 10% of your rental fee back in Amazon gift cards within 48 hours of completing your rental. Sounds great, right? Actually, if you are already an Avis user, it is a simple way to get Amazon gift cards for money you’re already spending.

If you order your rental through Alexa the savings double. It feels a little strange to ask Alexa to get you a car, but if you’re willing to try it you get 20% back in Amazon gift cards. Alexa is available on a variety of Amazon devices, including the Dot, Spot, Show, and others. If you don’t have an Alexa device yet, try the Echo Dot–it’s well priced and we really love ours. You can easily enable the Avis “skill” on the Amazon website.

On top of the gift cards, Amazon customers get discounts of up to 30% off the base rental price.

So how does it all work? I’ve seen plenty of posts about the partnership, but the process felt a little vague. Thanks to The Verge, I found the page needed to link my accounts. Here are the steps I went through:

Go to the Avis-Amazon partnership site, then click on the “Login through Amazon” Button.

a close-up of a website


Sign in to your Amazon account.

a screenshot of a login form

I tried this a couple of different times, and each time I got an error screen.

a screenshot of a car rental application

However, I just clicked back, re-entered my Amazon account info, and it took me here:

a screenshot of a website

So that’s it! It’s very simple once you know where to go. Rent a car using the Avis site (or Alexa!) and start getting Amazon gift cards.

Readers, is this the kind of offer you would take advantage of? Anyone tried it yet?


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  1. Do you know if the gift cards are only for offers made through the Avis website or Alexa? I know some companies have negotiated rates and associated booking codes, but it doesn’t explain if they stack or not.

  2. Hilton does something very similar with their points and Amazon. I would definitely use this if it were Hertz and not Avis.

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