2019 Plans (NOT resolutions!)

a cover of a diary with flowersI’m trying a new thing this year. Instead of a list of resolutions or goals, I’m planning for 2019. How is that different? Well, I still have a list of things I’d like to accomplish–but instead of that being the end of it, I’m figuring out when in the year I’ll do them and how much time they should require. Mapping everything out rather than just hoping it gets done. Honestly, I love planning.

Brainstorming, figuring out how the pieces fit together, and then a path to get it all done–I love it. I don’t know why I’ve never applied it beyond individual projects. We’ll see if it’s successful, or if it is just a fun exercise!

How’d I do in 2018?

I’m not doing a full-on year in review post (although if you’re on my email list you got a list of mistakes I made last year). But a quick summary of 2018 resolutions: I *did* read more on trips, and I think I even hit my five book goal (for sure four books); I cut several inches off of my hair and was able to consistently style it in ways beyond the top knot; I was partially successful in seeing more of the cities I visited; but we did not take a vacation with all the kids (we barely got a long weekend just with us) and I was not able to be more active during my trips. Oh well, keep trying right?

2019 Plans and Actions

  1. Fundamentals and following up. In the email I sent out recently, I talked about some of the mistakes I made in 2018. The first item on my plan includes trying to improve in those areas during 2019. This coming year I want to be more mindful of both the fundamentals of my job and blog plus following up on opportunities. Action: I’ve schedule two hours per week in my calendar to check in on both of those and complete any outstanding action items.
  2. Lifetime American Airlines status. I’m just twenty thousand or so miles from Million Mile status on American, which translates into Lifetime Gold. Action: There shouldn’t be any issue hitting it this year with the travel I’ve got scheduled, but I will be mapping out my quarterly plan to ensure it. In fact, if I had planned better I probably could have done it this year! I just didn’t realize how close I was.
  3. Visit Seattle. My sister moved to Seattle a year and a half ago and I haven’t been out there yet to visit. I’d love to go this year! Action: We are already syncing up our calendars to find a time where I can get there.
  4. Discover new gadgets for travel. Some really cool travel-related gadgets have come out this year and I am excited to try some out. What will excite me this year as much as my padfolio/powerbank combo?? Action: Find some gadgets to try!
  5. Create a new capsule wardrobe. I miss writing about clothes, and honestly since I’ve had the twins my own business travel wardrobe has become efficiently boring. I want to create a new travel capsule wardrobe (and write about it!). Actions: Determine budget and needs, then go shopping!
  6. Try new things. While I definitely will be spending time on fundamentals as mentioned above, there are a few new things I want to try out for the blog. Maybe a small group? Maybe a workbook? Who knows! Actions: Brainstorm potential new activities, determine time commitment and viability, and execute.

Readers, what are your 2019 plans or goals? Anything in particular you would like to see more of on Road Warriorette?


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