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What was important in Octobers past?

One year ago…. TSA crossed the line….again. I fell in love with navy and discovered the awesoness of gel soles. On my journey to more miles, one strategy worked (a miles credit card) and one backfired (trying for a travel voucher). Movie streaming apps on my phone changed my life. No joke. The Top Five…

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Guest Post from Mommy Points: No Point to Being a Road Warrior(ette) Without Points

Today’s guest post is from a fellow Boarding Area blogger, Mommy Points. She writes about the quickest, easiest ways to maximize points—leading to fantastic vacations for her family without spending a dime. Thanks so much for the post!! With Road Warriorette temporarily somewhat home-bound with her infant, I happily agreed to do a guest post…

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Guest Post from Corporette: Top 3 Business Travel Tips

a red container with ladybugs on it

Today’s guest post is from someone who knows business and business travel—Kat Griffin, author of Corporette. She writes about fashion and lifestyle for overachieving ladies, and is one of my most favorite bloggers. Thanks so much for the post, Kat!! There are so many tips for business women on how to travel, that sorting through…

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Guest Post from Finding Drishti: Yoga & Travel: 5 postures to undo plane stiffness

a woman stretching her legs

My name is Terri, and I write a yoga blog at Since Road Warriorette and I share yoga-ing, traveling and now mommy-ing in common, she asked me to write a guest post while she is snuggling and bonding with her new baby. Being a seasoned business traveler myself, I began my yoga practice around…

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